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Loz (Lauren) from Loz Life is a Healthy Habit Coach and one very knowledgeable woman! I’ve never had a photo shoot where I’ve learned more about the human body than my time spent with her and her team. It was the stuff that’s unexpected that was the most surprising and how one topic leads to another and another before it comes full circle. That’s what Loz does – she ties it all together and I love that!

I help busy people unlock themselves from the burden of burnout by teaching them how to improve their daily habits for optimised health, happiness and vitality. I have written a book, The Healthy Habit Handbook, which provides a failsafe blueprint to mastering habits for health, and have a podcast, The Healthy Habit Hotseat, where I interview extraordinary humans and dive deep into the daily habits that have shaped their success because success leaves clues, right?

After running my mobility and rehabilitation equipment business for over a decade, I was morally challenged. With more and more of our clients neither identifying as someone with a disability, or senior, a growing percentage of our customers were middle aged and experiencing health issues related to lifestyle choices.

As someone who has overcome an array of severe and chronic health conditions, the death of my first husband to suicide and domestic violence by a close family member, I know what’s it’s like to feel stuck. Overcoming these obstacles through my own lived experience led me to pursue study in the fields of health, fitness, mindfulness and holistic living and I now teach others to integrate these principles into their lives to skyrocket their health and energy, and ultimately, their success in any part of their life.

Business is not for the faint hearted. Trying to do it all on my own for a very long time was holding me back from realising my true values  and strengths. Learning to delegate, automate, duplicate and eliminate lower priority tasks was the first step towards my fulfilled success  as a purpose driven human.

I always prioritise myself self care with utmost importance. Without it, I become a crazy, reckless head case!

Exercise, sunlight, sleep, downtime with my husband and friends, quality nutrition, reading, self-development and breath work all form the fundamentals of my self care.

Waking up refreshed and prepared for my big days is essential so I timeblock my entire daily schedule to ensure I remain focused while I juggle multiple businesses.

When I first started in business, I honestly had the worst imposter syndrome ever!  Over the last 15 years of being in business, I’ve failed fast in many occasions and I really feel this is a necessary part of long-term entrepreneurship.

Although I would normally suggest that preparation is key to success, finding the thing you’re passionate about and creating an income stream from it is certainly a sure fire way to prepare for success in business. Done a great mentor and connect with others who are further along the path than you.


I’m always “doing” and believe in taking action instead of “shoulding” all over yourself.

I plan and strategies my goals by reverse engineering my process based on the outcome I seek and just start cracking immediately.

I plan and block out structured self care daily. It’s a non-negotiable for me to operate at my high vibe.

I didn’t! I did what most people do and just took business that came my way, even if it wasn’t from my ideal client.

Over time, I’ve developed more clarity around why and who I want to attract to my business and created solid boundaries about what I don’t want.

Connecting with others in your community and tapping into existing communities where your ideal clients hang out is a great way to leverage opportunity.

Wake up 5:45am

Make my Before You Speak coffee at 5:46am

Brush my teeth 5:48am

Soak in infrared light from my Joovv for 10 mins till 6am and drink my coffee in the nude and dance on the spot with fun music 

Hop in my infrared sauna 6am for 20 mins and meditate with essential oils and relaxing music

6:20am have a freezing cold shower

6:25am jump on my rebounder and do pruning breathwork exercises for 5mins.

6:30am stand on my vibration plate for 10 mins and practice my balance

Walk the dog 6:45am till 7:15am

7:15am till 7:30am read

7:30am make a high protein breakky and eat it and feed my dog his food too. 

8am check emails. Answer what I need to.

8:30am go to the gym for my own workout or do it at home in my home gym.

9:30am start work with clients or taking fitness classes till 11:30am

11:30am have a lunch break.

1pm staff meetings

2pm virtual weight loss clients

3pm face to face PT sessions or group fitness with clients till 5:30pm

6pm Pilates classes

7:30pm walk with my husband and dog

7:45pm dinner

8pm shower and ablutions

8:15pm watch a documentary or show on Netflix 

9pm in bed and watch more tv till I fall asleep around 9:30/10pm

😀 it’s very specific!

Watching other people make the smallest but most significant habit changes to completely overhaul their belief system and unlock their potential 

Dr John Demartini

My mum

My husband

My former husband

My dad (who doesn’t talk to me anymore – he’s my biggest teacher)

I’m a secret musical theatre dork and and currently learning to play the saxophone (my childhood dream)

ask better questions of yourself every single day and then just take inspired action every day

She captured the essence of me and my team and it has helped our clients see us through a very unfiltered lens of authenticity 

Dr John Demartini 

“Where focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins

“Motivation is empty and lasts about 3 weeks – momentum: that’s an endlessly renewable source of inspired energy you can tap into any place, any time for any reason.” – Me

To lead through inspired action

Self development via conscious connection

To optimise my health, fitness and resilience through daily habits

Anything I want

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