Client Spotlight | Melanie Marshall – Trust Strategist

You cannot meet Melanie and not immediately like her! Honestly, you just can’t. She’s the walking embodiment of moxie and her joie de vivre is contagious.

I have to be honest – I had no idea that a “Trust Strategist” was even a thing before meeting Melanie and now I can’t imagine business without it.

“I build internal and external partnerships at all levels to enable service organisations to deliver real benefits.” – sourced from her website here.

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I’m a trust strategist. 

I partner with senior executives to develop healthy high-performing teams and organisational cultures. 

I saw a massive gap between company strategies and operational realities due to poor relationships and a lack of trust between executives, employees, and customers.  

I believe that trust is the foundation for meaningful and sustainable success personally and professionally.

Letting go of stable full-time employment to pursue my own practice as an independent and solo operator has been the scariest thing.

I am still working to manage this. Management requires accepting that I’m on a legacy mission so my fear is a normal part of levelling up to the next challenge.

I need to trust myself and remember that if it all fails tomorrow I can always go back to working for someone else. I wouldn’t like it but I could still pay the bills and put food food on the table.

Also a work in progress. 

Being mindful of what myself and those around me are feeling is key. I do my best to listen to our deeper needs and be kind to minds, bodies and spirits. 

The best way for my family and I to do this is always to get out into nature, eat healthier, go to bed at a decent time, and exercise regularly. It sounds like standard advice but it works for me time and time together.

Sometimes I wish mobile phones weren’t invented.

I believe in creating and investing in legacy missions that serve the greater good of people and communities.

I found a supportive group of similarly minded strivers also working to establish themselves and help others along the way.

When I’m bored, spending too much time on churn work or going through the motions on auto-pilot I know it’s time to do something different and experiment.

After some experimentation I generally know when it feels energetically right in my head, heart and gut to move on.

I go to the gym or run outside at the beginning of the day. This is pure me time where I get out of my head and just focus on being in that moment.

Back then and now I focus on how I want people to feel during and after the conversation. 

I like to be a calming light and person people can trust knowing that I care deeply for their own success just as much as my own. 

My clients know that with me it’s about genuine partnership. We have to like and respect one another as real people so we can tackle the tough stuff and have a few laughs along the way.

Most of my work is online via Zoom or the client’s online videoconferencing system.

Typical Mon-Thurs involves: Workout, school run, online coaching or facilitation, and meetings — all interspersed between regular meals and snacks.

Evenings (I don’t watch much TV) and Fridays are for practice development and involve  research, writing, course development, networking, and meeting prospective new clients, or catching up with my support network.

I love knowing that what I do makes a personal and professional difference for my clients and the people they spend their time with, care for, and influence.

I have had a few people that we’re shining lights of hope throughout my career.

Interestingly, most of my influencers to get to where I am now have been people that were the opposite of who I wanted to be. They made me hungry to be the leader I was looking for and never really found.

I didn’t get into any uni course after school because my results were too low, even though I studied my butt off and was considered a nerd.  

It took me over 8 years to not think that I was stupid, to this day I still doubt myself from time to time and have to push past it.

You can always go back to what you did yesterday, but if you don’t do what lights you up you’ll never really feel fulfilled.

Amanda has given me the confidence to build my brand and promote my services to a senior executive audience with more conviction.

My head and need to find something else 😉

If not now, when?

“Do what makes you happy” — my Nan at 94 before she died

Integrity, Wisdom, Humility, Kindness

Do what inspires me and enable lives of choice

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