Don’t Look Away

Can I start by saying that the portrait I created below is not real. Don’t Look Away is a series of nine portraits created with a model and a makeup artist and still, I photographed with tears and I’ve retouched with tears. This is truly the most difficult series I’ve ever attempted and I’m gutted that I feel the need to create it.

The older I become, or is it the older my daughter becomes, the more I find myself paying attention to the rights and plights of the feminine. I thought we were a lot further along than we actually are. I remember watching the Barbie movie, there was a lot to love, but there was one line that got me.

“We just hide it better now”

There is too much being hidden.

DV is one of those things. How do we still live in a world where domestic violence happens so often? Our court systems are broken. Change needs to happen, so when it came to entering the Brisbane Portrait Prize this year I wanted to create a portrait that is confronting and gut-wrenching. I hope this portrait conveys that message.

A photographic series expressing a result of Domestic Violence in Australia.

I’m just one voice, but I have a voice and I’ll use it and the more of us that use our voice the louder the roar becomes.

This year, one woman has been murdered every FOUR DAYS by “gendered violence”.

Hi there! I’m Amanda Waschevski

I AM A HEADSHOT AND PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER BASED IN IPSWICH, QLD. I help people be themselves in front a camera.