Here’s to the Fairy Wrens

in my gardens

Fairy Wren: “Spontaneity ~ Creativity ~ Light”

The Gift: “While other members of the bird tribe fly to great heights, Fairy wren dances on tiny tree limbs, bushes and river reeds, signing her song quite close to the Earth. Fairy Wrens live in tight little family communities and use their dancing movements and songs to communicate many different messages – from calling out to a loved one to warning of danger or singing a duet with their mate!”

The Message: “Creativity is a magical thing and you are here to create! You might be an artist, a poet or a dancer… or maybe you are creative in the way you dress, decorate cakes or decorate your room. Sometimes we start with one idea for a picture, song or story, but once we begin it starts to change shape. Fairy Wren’s message is to have fun watching your creations grow into whatever they want to become. Dance with whatever comes up along the way. If you trust enough to follow what inspire you the most, each step will lead to the next and when you reach the other side will you look back ad see how magic it really is! And how magic you really are!”

The Call: “Stay open and light on your feet this week. Be ready to see new creative ideas, and try them out! Trust the magic of the moment. If you like the song that is playing, let yourself dance! Accept help from those who love you and be ready to have fun creating something that feels good this week – even if it is different than what you expected!”

~by Chip Richards

The wrens in the gardens, just outside my office windows! What a delight it is to hear them.

**Sounds about right!

love, amanda

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