5 Things to Know about Me & My Business

I spent years being transparent. It was only when I finally had my daughter that I learned the difference between transparency and vulnerability. When I look like I am and I like I am, it creates space for people to do the same. Even when I don’t necessarily feel up to the showing the world who I am, I do it for others because it provides a platform for them to be themselves. When we come together, we connect via that authenticity.

I believe that’s why we’re here – to connect on that type of level.

I am decidedly not for everyone. I love what I do and it shows. I love my life and it shows. It hasn’t always been this way, but I’m so bloody grateful that is now. I’m open, direct and comfortable with discomfort.

I have zero tolerance for hate. I create empowering portraits of people from all walks of life. Racism, sexism, ageism, ableism or any other ism born from bigotry and hate has no place here.

I am constantly curious. Fascinated by the distance between who people are and how they present themselves. This has served as the curiosity behind and the foundation of my approach to my photography. It’s through this curiosity that I can connect by holding a space that allows people to feel seen, heard and respected.

I like to think of my sessions like a conversation with a camera present.

I want my clients to have portraits of themselves that are empowering and represent them as they actually are, not a variation of themselves because someone isn’t technically proficient enough to do what they need to do on their end of the camera.

Always a student, always learning, always curious. A lengthy background in hospitality has also shown me the remarkable power of giving people more than they expect.

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