I think I might be a Convert

This obscura thing has me hooked

It’s the weirdest thing – looking through the lens and seeing practically nothing. This week, I figured it out! I actually need a focusing cloth to use this lens! I tried to use my jumper (and it kinda worked, providing my sitter with a great source of hilarity), but making my own focusing cloth is definitely on the table. (And maybe down the line I’ll actually get close to the RZ67…and wetplate….and then…and then…)

Having discovered that my favourite f-stop is f161 (I actually thought it was f90), I took the opportunity to photograph a good friend in her beautiful front yard while her trees were in bloom. I wanted to create something soft and feminine and dreamy – the essence of her, rather than a literal recreation of her.

I LOVE what we created together and I love that I get to share these photographs with colour toning only – no retouching required. I played with a little intentional camera movement too with my 35mm lens.

It was fun, but it doesn’t connect with me as deeply as the Obscura – even that name is dramatic! Funnily enough, I think I’m loving it more than the Sweet 35. Maybe that’s just for now – the beauty of my job is that I can change my mind as I change my focus.

The trees in her garden only flower once a year, so I took the opportunity to play with a few techniques while I was there and I’m looking forward to sharing a few more of those too.

love, amanda

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