Introducing the Editorial

A Portfolio of boutique Editorial photography featuring actors, business owners and artists.

Autumn is well and truly upon us and I am loving the light and peace it brings. Warm days and cool nights are a thing of beauty! Recently, I’ve been reading about the seasons of business. Business, like life, is cyclical and as owners we must navigate them all with the confidence that no matter what season we’re in, it shall soon pass into another. Thankfully, the seasons of business share the same characteristics as the true seasons.

While winter is the season of quiet application, this season is about harvesting the ideas, the light and creation brought about from the growth of summer. I have seen it in the number of session inquiries I receive and the way people are changing the way they are communicating. There’s an excitedness about venturing outside without the fear of melting (for me too)!

A Portfolio of boutique Editorial photography featuring actors, business owners and artists.

I know that the need for new photos in a business often feels acute, but the road to getting there can seem full of obstacles. A photo shoot often involves a sizeable investment, both in terms or time and money, so the stakes are high. Some business owners are too daunted to commit to a shoot and those who do are often overwhelmed by the task. The success of a shoot is not just about finding the right photographer and a great location. To make the most of the opportunity you need to plan. That planning needs thought, creativity and an expert eye.

Every aspect of photography helps to illuminate your story. You should know how you want your audience to perceive it. So now, rather than telling them, it’s time to use your photographs to show them.

This is the Editorial

Traditionally, Editorial Photography refers to the photographs that accompany an article in a publication. But editorial images can also exist on their own and imply a narrative or outline a creative concept. Editorial photos document real-life issues, current events, and stories of human interest across the globe in a truthful manner. When we relate them to business, they are used as an effective way to lend visual context to a story. They are candid, iconic and communicate your culture and your vibe.

The Editorial is currently only available to clients and I’d love to chat with you about yours.

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