The Ipswich Show is 150!

and I took my Lensbaby for a spin

I absolutely love my Lensbaby Composer Pro ii + Sweet 50, so there was no question which lens I’d be taking to the Ipswich Show this year. This lens has changed the way I shoot and allows me to show the world more of how I see things.

I really love my job as a portrait photographer – I love connecting with people. After almost 10 years in the business of photography though, and learning how to take a good photograph by learning all the rules, lensbaby has come along and has given me permission to break them all and just have fun.

That mind shift has had a ripple effect on my focus too and I find myself looking for the story in the photograph before I take it. It sure would make for interesting street photography! Story telling and lensbaby just seem to go hand in hand.

These fireworks were fun! Popped my camera into bulb mode, prayed a little and hand held these. Honestly, these were a couple of lucky shots – the other 20ish photographs were total duds!

Next on my list is the Sweet 35. Have you shot with lensbaby before? What’s your favourite lens?

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