Learning the Obscura

Lensbaby Obscura isn’t a lens, Obscura is an extraordinary experience crafted in the origins of photography. Photographers and creators who connect most with using an Obscura are those who embrace working with fewer choices and are willing to challenge themselves to redefine what it means to create photographic art.”

You can see why I had to have it, right? Lensbaby are very smart marketers and I’m a total sucker for good marketing! Thankfully, they do not disappoint!

Last week, I came across this video by Pat Kay on 4 simple daily habits that will transform your photography forever. One of his habits is taking 27 photos each day (10000 photos in a year) and I found that idea really enticing. As a business owner, I find myself often getting stuck in the “running of the business” which ultimately leads to a rut in my creativity. Now, when I go for my walks, I’ll be taking my Obscura with me!

I took her out for a spin on Friday – having done no research on the lens at all – and boy, it’s a tricky lens! I could hardly see through the viewfinder, so I was completely reliant on the camera’s internal light metre (which is a frightening thought!) and I was surprised that these images turned out at all.

You see, I’m used to the viewfinder look of the Sweet 50 and Sweet 35, but this was totally unexpected. When I got home, I thought it might be time to look up a few videos on the lens.

Yep – you read that right – f90! I found out through watching a few videos that there are three choices when it comes to aperture – f90, f64 and f32. Jesus! But look at that creaminess – there’s detail there – but that glow. I love it!

I spent today in my garden, so this afternoon I thought I might have a look at f64. I’m still finding it confusing to look into such a dark viewfinder and I know there’s much more research for me to do, but those speckled highlights are lovely and they remind me of my puckered glass windows.

This is a lens I’m definitely looking forward to leaning in to.

love, amanda

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