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The Ipswich Photography Studio cares about your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how we handle your personal information, whether you are a photography client or you’re just checking out what we have to offer.

As a small business, The Ipswich Photography Studio applies on a policy basis the privacy principles set out in Australia’s Privacy Act 1988. The privacy principles guide how we collect and manage your personal information.

We are also part of the Professional Photographers Association of Queensland (PPAQ). We apply the PPAQ Codes of Professional Conduct and Professional Practice, which include the appropriate and fair handling of client information.

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Personal information:
Personal information is information that identifies you (or could reasonably lead to you being identified). The Ipswich Photography Studio holds limited personal information.

The types of personal information we hold depends on our relationship with you. Generally, it is about:
• our website visitors (you’ve asked us to be in touch with you and have submitted information via the online contact form)
• our prospective clients (we have your contact details and understand the type of photography service you want)
• our clients (we have your contact details, type of service supplied, photographic images and payment information).

Collecting personal information:
We collect personal information when you:
• send us an email
• fill out a form (online or on paper)
• answer questions that we ask verbally
• contact us via social media.

We do not require a lot of personal information to provide you with our services, and we take care to ask only for what is necessary.

If you are a client, we might ask you for details that help us personalise our service to you (e.g. your birthdate so we can send you a present!). You are not required to provide this information.

Before we use your personal information (e.g. to send you an invoice), we may double check with you to make sure it is accurate, complete and up to date.

What we do with personal information, and who we give it to:
We use and disclose your personal information only for the purpose for which we collected it (e.g. getting in touch with you and providing you with a photography service).

The Ipswich Photography Studio will not sell or share your personal information with advertisers, sponsors, content providers or anyone else – unless:
• We have your express permission, or
• There is a lawful ability or requirement for us to do so.

A note about copyright:

  • Copyright and privacy are not the same thing. Privacy is about how we collect and handle your personal information (your images, and the other personal details you give us) in accordance with privacy principles. Copyright is about our ability to use the images we capture of you as part of our cache of original works (and this is set out clearly in our contract, to which you must agree in order to access our photography service).
  • We acknowledge that the world is a complicated place, and sometimes having your image “out there” presents a real problem. If there is a reason why you feel that we should limit our use and disclosure of original photographic works containing your image, please let us know.

Keeping your personal information safe:
At The Ipswich Photography Studio, we securely manage and dispose of personal information.

Third party service providers:

  • We use contracted third party service providers to help us manage aspects of our business, such as securely maintaining our customer data, e-contracts administration, making accounting a breeze, sharing images with you for proofing and the development of printed images for you to keep.
  • Some of the personal information collected by us may, in turn, be managed in an off-shore or “cloud-based” environment by our service providers. It is a condition of our agreements with these providers that we remain in control of what happens to the personal information they manage on our behalf and that is kept secure.

Social media:

  • The Ipswich Photography Studio operates Facebook and Instagram accounts.  Social media is great for our profile and a number of our clients love to see and share the images posted there.
  • We never, ever, share images of you on Facebook or Instagram without your permission and we do not “tag” you in anything that we do post (you may, however, choose to “tag” yourself).
  • Before you send us information via our social media accounts, and before you give us the thumbs up to post your images on our social media feeds, please be aware that personal information supplied to us through or posted by us on any social media outlet becomes captured by that outlet’s privacy policy.

Accessing and changing personal information we have about you:
If we hold personal information about you, we are happy to tell you what it is. We won’t, however, tell someone else what personal information we hold about you (unless you give us permission or there is a lawful ability or requirement for us to do so).

If you think the personal information we hold about you is incorrect, out of date or misleading, please let us know. We are happy to correct it.

You are welcome to browse our website incognito. However, we are unable to provide our photography services to you anonymously.

Yes, our website uses cookies. You can find out more about this here.

Updates to the Privacy Policy
We may update this document from time to time to ensure that our personal information handling practices are correctly reflected. This may occur without notice to our clients or website visitors, however we will always post a “last revised” date for your information.

Any questions or concerns?
If you have a question about our Privacy Policy, or a concern about our personal information handling practices, please be in touch! Please email: or call the studio on +617 3466 3481.

Last revised: 31.03.2024

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