With a vision of helping to shape a world of authenticity, my mission is to bring personality to light, one portrait at a time.
  • Portraitist
  • Detail Noticer
  • Lover of Faces
  • Lover of Cats
  • Detester of Fakery & Fuckery

I help you stand in your truth and own who you are. I do that with compassion, care and concern. I just can’t do fake, and in my world, substance outclasses superficiality every single time. More humanity and deeper connection please.

Ipswich Portrait Photography
Amanda Waschevski, CPP
Everyone deserves a portrait of themselves that they love because when they have that, they have an anchor to their truth. 

My Core Values

Vulnerability matters

Connection first

Integrity & honesty

Continual education

Balance is a myth, priorities shift

Passionate sticktoittiveness 

Exceed expectations

Stay flexible

Always inquisitive

Celebrate individuality

People do business with People – not brands.

Today’s world is busy. It’s noisy. In fact, most of our time online is spent just scrolling. 

It’s not that we have a short attention span either, we’ve all binge watched an entire season of something on Netflix. It’s about boring versus interesting. We are bombarded with boring content all the time.

I help professionals cut through that boring noise by creating interesting portraits that stop the scroll, show who they really are and what it’s like to connect with them.

People need you to be you in order for them to connect to you in a lasting way and the world needs more good people

Every Face is Remarkable.

“Unphotogenic” is not a real word.

Amanda is a Certified Professional Photographer and current president of the Professional Photographers' Association of Queensland. The PPAQ guarantees the highest standards in professional photography, ensuring exceptional imagery, business probity and client confidence.

Amanda is the first photographer to have been qualified as a Portraitist with the Headshot Crew.

Proudly supporting the  LGBTQIA+ community.

Amanda is also a volunteer photographer with Heartfelt - a volunteer organisation of professional photographers dedicated to giving the gift of photographic memories to families who have experienced stillbirth or have children with serious or life threatening illness.