Amanda Waschevski


About the artist

Amanda Waschevski is a portrait photographer who finds herself being led down the rabbit hole of fine art photography. She has always been fascinated by the distance between who people are and how they present themselves. This has served as the curiosity behind and the foundation of her approach to her photography.

Amanda Waschevski

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Amanda Waschevski’s portraits explore her perception of past and present life experiences, archetypes and ideals while also serving as a reflection of her experience of society. In her work, you will find inspiration from old masters of both chiaroscuro & tenebrism.

Current Projects

Education & Accreditation

Current President, Professional Photographers’ Association of Queensland (PPAQ), Certified Professional Photographer (Member) 2017-

Member, Ipswich Artist’s Residency, 2023-

Professional Experience

Portrait Photographer, 2015-

Recent Activities

  • Brisbane Portrait Prize – entered 2024
  • Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize- entered 2024
  • Asia Pacific Photography Awards – Highly Commended 2024
  • LensCulture Portrait Awards – entered 2024
  • National Photographic Portrait Prize – entered 2024
  • Salon des Refuses – accepted 2023
  • Brisbane Portrait Prize – entered 2023
  • Ipswich Art Awards – entered 2023
  • Portraitist Award (Headshot Crew) – 2022
  • Ipswich Art Awards – entered 2021
  • National Photographic Portrait Prize – entered 2021

Ipswich Photography Studio