Grooming Tips for Men’s Headshots

Grooming Tips for Men's Headshots


I don’t recommend makeup on men because all of my work is retouched afterwards, so any blemishes will be taken care of during that process.

Facial Hair:

If you’d like to shoot with facial hair I’d be happy for you to come in with whatever level of growth you’d like and can shave or trim it down once we’ve gotten the scruff covered. Bring whatever grooming products you’ll need with you to get it done.


I ask that everyone come in with their hair ready the way you would like to present yourself. I want your hair in your pictures to be as close as possible to the way you look on a fantastic hair day. If you plan on having a haircut, try to schedule it a week before your shoot so that you can settle into your style and there are no loose trimmed hairs on your face and neck.

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Clothing & Jewellery:

A lot of thought and planning is invested into the space between just below your shoulders and the top of your head when it comes to your headshot. Your face is definitely the prime real estate, but the framing completes the picture and helps drive your individual message home. Everything within that space needs to add value not detract from it or overwhelm it.

Feel free to bring a range of different options for clothing. The #1 rule for me is that you have to love it! When you don’t feel comfortable in it, you won’t shoot well while wearing it.

I suggest you bring a range of different colours and necklines. Don’t be seasonal; everything from t-shirts to sweaters and light jackets can work. I love textures and layers as well and try to keep the jewellery to a minimum. Studs or small earrings work and simple necklaces, anything hanging or chunky will usually draw too much attention away from you in a headshot. Have some fun with this. There is a steamer in the studio, so we’ll be able to easily sort out any wrinkling for you.

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