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“Cybertel is a private, family owned and run, agile telecommunications provider. We’re proud to be offering a suite of tailored business solutions that keeps your business connected.”

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Laura and her father, Clive, operate Cybertel. I fell in love with Laura and Clive’s grace and classic style the instant I met them and I knew this would be what I wanted to convey in their imagery. There’s a quiet confidence inherent in them both.

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Tell us a little about what you do for a living?

We are voice and data specialists taking the stress out of telecommunications for small businesses. Providing best in class services to ensure businesses are operating efficiently and effectively while providing an excellent customer experience to their clients. 

Why did you start your business?

We organically grew from a hardware and data businesses to a full service telco. We saw the convergence of voice and data and that excited us. Through our own experience we also saw a gap in the market for genuine support for small businesses from the bigger telcos

What has been the biggest challenge or fear you have had to overcome in business and how did you manage it?

Personally, for me it was the fear of sales. I moved from service delivery to the face of the business and a sales role. I managed it by getting help and just doing it. With the knowledge I have gained from sales and business coaches, I am now pretty comfortable in the role. But always learning. 

Ipswich Business Photography

How do you achieve balance between relationships, work and personal needs (or kids, family and time out for yourself)?

I am pretty good with balance. While the stress is always there. I allow myself downtime and don’t beat myself up for taking time out. We are a family business and my partner is the manager of his family business so there is a lot of understanding and support from my people. 

How did you prepare yourself to start your business?

Prepare?! Haha I was thrust into the telco world about 15 years ago. There was no formal preparation but every day and every experience prepares me for the work ahead. 

How do you know when you are ready to do something?

When I am scared and apprehensive, I know it’s time. Anything worth doing should be a little challenging and therefore uncomfortable. There is no better feeling than once the task is done, and you realise it wasn’t that hard and the reward, whether it be success or just a lesson, it pretty hard to beat. A business coach once told me, count 3, 2, 1 and just do it. Don’t overthink. Just start. 

What have you put in place as a reminder to nurture your soul?

My family. Nothing nurtures my soul more than a night of cooking, eating and relaxing with my partner and my dog. Luckily my soul is nurtured by the most simple of things.

Ipswich Business Photography
In the beginning, how did you attract your first good clients?

As dad started the business and was the main sales person so he was attracting our customers. After some focus and growth we realised that these kinds of customers were not a right fit and we have since got clear on our ideal client and just knowing who we want has translated to the kinds of customers we now have. Nothing feels better than loving working with customers who see your value and appreciate your service. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

Most days I wear many hats. That has been an issue we have identified as we are getting busier and focusing on growth. My day is currently tied up with a lot of support related tasks, however my focus needs to be on operations and growth. We are currently implementing a fix for this and I am pretty excited. 

What do you love most about what you do?

My favourite thing is happy customers. Customers who are inspired and embrace the product and customers who acknowledge and appreciate the personalised support and ease of working with us. That is another thing that comes with the right fit customers. 

Who are your biggest role models or influencers that have impacted your career?

My partner Chris. He is so supportive and he is the one who inspired me to take on more. He believed in me, so I believed in myself. Also people like Roxy Jacenko. Who like me, didn’t study, isn’t particularly clever, but if you put in the work in, dare to be different and continue to evolve, success can be yours. 

Tell us something you we may not know about you already?

Cooking is my passion. And I am pretty bloody good at it. I never want to be a chef, that sort of lifestyle is not for me, but being involved in food in some way is in my future. 

Any words of wisdom to those thinking of taking the leap?

There will never be a right time. You will never be ready. Just do it. Enlist help. And believe in yourself.

Ipswich Business Photography

How has working with Amanda as your photographer contributed to your business?

Amanda has provided us with images that are powerful and on brand. Amanda took the time to understand us and what we wanted and she delivered. Amanda has impacted me in a couple of ways I didn’t expect, she has made it feel more comfortable and more important to be the face and put ourselves out there to our customers with these images. Amanda also really impressed me with her discovery process. Going to borrow a bit of that for my own process.

Who are you listening to right now?

Currently inspiration is coming from our sales coach. We have just wrapped up and I am going over the things we have learned again. Powerful and important. 

What are your values?

I think general decency just about covers it. For me that encompasses honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, care compassion.  If you are a decent person in life and in business, then you can’t go wrong. 

What’s next for you and your business?

Breaking into the Ipswich market. We now call Ipswich home and we want to serve our community. This year is about building the brand awareness in the local business community and growing our roots here. 

Favourite movie?

Love Actually. Duh. 

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