Megan Wilson – Account Executive

Brisbane Ipswich Studio Portrait

What a confident, comfortable air Megan has about her. I have to admit, I had a bit of a “fan girl” moment when she left. She had that enigmatic blend of strength and grace and I couldn’t imagine a glass ceiling strong enough to hold her back.

I work for a global cyber security leader which is headquarted in the USA. Our company vision is a world where each day is safer and more secure than the one before. I am a Global Client Lead which means I have global remit for one of the largest organisations in Australia where we provide security solutions to ensure they can operate safely and continue to grow as a market leader.

I studied a Bachelor of Information Systems/Bachelor of Business at Swinburne University in Melbourne and always knew I liked being a translator between business and IT – so often I saw misunderstandings between people with different skills so I saw my opportunity to be the one that could bridge that gap. I was fortunate enough to be hired for a year long placement at University of Victoria in Canada as a marketing coordinator but my role morphed into web design and other technology areas while I was there. Once I completed my studies, I joined the relaunched graduate program at Oracle, one of the largest ICT companies in the world and learnt so much over my 5 years there. I moved into a sales role early in my career at Oracle and have never looked back – it felt right from day 1 even though it was extremely challenging with no experience working in a fast paced organisation.

Imposter syndrome – I have become better and managing this over the years but it was difficult for me through my early career not having role models who were like me to look up to. I’ve always had fabulous support but have struggled to find someone I can relate to. My industry is male dominated but I have been so used to that through my life with playing basketball and other activities that I never saw that as a challenge but my opportunity to show that diversity can make a difference.

Pre-COVID I was terrible at this. I have always put work first at the detriment of everything personal. I defined myself through being successful at work and forgot to look after myself. I did change this in 2018 where I took a 6 month break from working so I could slow down and revisit what was important to me is all aspects of my life. I did this through a solo trip from Russia to Morocco which was just amazing. I also moved to Brisbane towards the end of 2020 and I can safely say that I have managed to bring the right balance to my life. Must be the sunshine.

My role and career path isn’t something that is really known about outside of my industry. I find it difficult to explain to people what my role is – I’m pretty sure my mum doesn’t even understand! I am very organised and structured which has helped contribute to my success as I constantly have a million balls up in the air at any one time. Also being able to deal with pressures and the cyclical workloads throughout the year – at times I need to be all consumed with work and lean on friends to support me through those periods. 

I can feel it! Gut instinct… it’s hard to explain but it feels right. I also get really motivated and almost can’t sleep because I’m so excited to get started.

A strong support network around me. I don’t think I would be where I am today with my amazing friends and family who are there to help catch me when I fall or give me a booster when I’m down.

Oh boy. This is always the hardest question. I work with a lot of people overseas so some days it’s very early starts or very late nights, depending on what’s important that day/week/month. I have plenty of emails to scroll through over my morning coffee to get up to date. I would normally have meetings with my client throughout the day or pieces of work we are working on together. I tend to be the one orchestrating teams connecting which means I’m either running the meeting or taking notes to run the follow up activities. With any job there is admin that is needed so I try and carve out time to work through that during my day otherwise it becomes a mammoth task at the end of the week.

Helping my client and working on something successful together. I am happiest when I know I can make an impact and we’ve achieved something great. Along these lines, I started a Corporate Responsibility committee at my company last year so we can put a concerted effort into volunteering as an organisation in Australia and New Zealand. Seeing the impact of what our people are doing around the region and the joy post an activity is just great. 

I’ve had some great managers and colleagues over the years so probably too many to name. 

I am a mad Formula 1 fan and have taken myself off to many races around the globe – my first was the French GP in 2005 followed by Montreal in 2006 which were both on my own! I’ve obviously been to the Melbourne one many times but am lucky to have been to Monaco for my 30th with some close friends and Barcelona too. Next on my list is Baku… whenever that can happen.

The ICT industry has changed so much from when I started as a graduate. There are so many opportunities for new talent, especially with borders closed. Cybersecurity in particular has a HUGE skills shortage and companies are desperate for people. Have a look to see if there are networking groups in your area and start to meet people and ask around.

My session with Amanda was so amazing. I loved how we laughed through the session and produced some incredible shots. It’s so handy having a portfolio of photos that I can use as I’m often asked for a photo with minimal notice!

I’ve rediscovered Eskimo Joe and Garbage and have them on repeat on my Spotify. I recently had my speakers fixed in my car so if you heard that music pumping from the car next to you, it’s probably me.

Be authentic, be kind, operate with integrity, respect others boundaries but also respect your own.

I love the company I work for and I love working in cybersecurity. I see myself working here for a number of year still but longer term, I am looking at starting my board career given my interesting background with cybersecurity and corporate social responsibility. Over time, that’s where I’d love to focus my efforts, particularly as I am so passionate about volunteering and driving social impact and change.

Perks of being a wallflower – the end makes me cry every time but having conversations about trauma and mental health is important no matter how hard it feels.

Hi there! I’m Amanda Waschevski

I AM A HEADSHOT AND PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER BASED IN IPSWICH, QLD. I help people be themselves in front a camera.

Amanda Waschevski, Ipswich Portraitist

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