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I believe we’ve been branded to for too long and we’ve been presented images of fakery, fuckery, hype, propaganda and superficial ego. Isn’t it time we shared a truth – who are you really and what is it like to connect with you as a human being?

Let’s look beyond the superficial and look towards substance

Who are you really and what’s it like to connect with you?

People need you to be you in order for them to connect to you in a lasting way and the world needs more real people

A Portfolio of boutique portrait photography featuring actors, business owners, artists, kids, parents and individuals.

People do business with People – not brands. 

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You are the product. No cliches, no stereotypes, no biases. While a picture can convey a thousand words, it might not always evoke your intended emotion. How do you establish a genuine emotional connection with your audience if you rely on run-of-the-mill imagery that doesn’t communicate your value or point of difference?

Today’s world is busy. It’s noisy. In fact, most of our time online is spent just scrolling. 

It’s not that we have a short attention span either, we’ve all binge watched an entire season of something on Netflix. It’s about boring versus interesting. We are bombarded with boring content all the time.

I help professionals cut through that boring noise by creating interesting portraits that stop the scroll, show who they really are and what it’s like to connect with them.

Every Face is Remarkable.

“Unphotogenic” is not a real word.

love, amanda


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Hi there! I'm Amanda Waschevski

I AM A HEADSHOT AND PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER BASED IN IPSWICH QLD who is bringing personality to light, one portrait at a time.

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